Newbie or experienced rider? Single track or paved trail? No worries, we have a bike to fit your style.

Red Raven offers rental bikes to allow you to shred the red while fitting your schedule and budget.

Bike Types and Materials

Fat Bikes: Big tires (3.8-5" wide) good for snow, sand, and all around fun.

Mid-Fat: 2.8-3" tires are the best of both worlds. Extra float and improved handling in the corners.

Full Suspension: Rear shock makes it a squishy, plush ride.

Alloy: Frame is made of a combination of metals

Steel: Hard, strong alloy of iron with carbon

Carbon: Strong crystalline carbon fibers to make frame super light



Rental Type                     Half/Full Day
Rigid Mid-Fat                  $30/45
Alloy/Steel Hardtail
Alloy/Steel Fat

Alloy Full Suspension     $40/65
Carbon Hardtail
Carbon Fat

Carbon Full Suspension $50/85


Reserve your trusty steed.... er uhm, bike now.